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06 March 2012

I hate holi and all those motherfuckers.......

Trust me..... i m not the kind of person who uses this f- word frequently but there's no other word that can well describe these idiot, stupid, psycho people wid the sickest of mentality....  I just cant get my head off todays incident........ Holi - a festival that is believed to spread friendship and unite everyone and make everyones life colorful...WTH....stop spreading the fuckin shitty message 'cuz this festival does just the opposite of its definition,... it does not spread friendship or happiness with ur friend or wid strangers... keep yourself alert and beware for even ur friends may turn into ur enemy on this crazily auspicious day........ what festival of colors n happiness.. they are all bullshit..... let me share an incident i came across wid today... well, let me tell u this is not a new kind of incident for me.. for every year holi always gives me an unforgettable bitter n most bitter of the memories....but this year went worst...n  when i said holi .. it did not meant just the day of holi as mentioned by the calendar but i mean weeks before .....that when kathmanduites  celebrate the festival wid lolas on their hands every year....... holi  is supposed or believed or said to be(this many words because i dont believe them at all) a festival of victory of good over evil... this is the day when prahlad and holika were both on fire but only holika was burnt and only she died for prahlad was saved by the saviour lord bishnu because as legends have it prahlad was  bishnu bhakta( a good and kind hearted boy)n holika for being devil was burnt and dead........ hah...wid the kind of holi people especially in kathmandu are celebrating, i feel as if they will save their dear holika by throwing lolas and lolas of water on fire n prevent her from burning to death....by throwing dirty waters to almost everyone passing by.. the stupidest of boys and not to forget mentioning their seniors (by which i mean everyone their parents, uncles, brothers) who are always there to encourage and clap for their great deeds ... yeah throw lola.. throw water.. there she goes.. hey u missed it...one more ......idiot ....stupid ..n ya no one can do anything about it.. well where's the law to prevent these kind of activities.. n even if there is who would follow it....for the ratio would be like a drop of water on ocean.. the evil , the bad, the false , the wrongs are always there   wid power, majority and illogical logic .....god... i so hate holi.. i cant even explain how much i hate holi..............now let me share todays incident of mine.. because if i have to talk about the negative aspects of holi .. i can go all night long....... btw.. today was my sisters birthday and also the worst and worst of the days of my life till date.... me and my friend.. we were heading towards patan to have treat.... n btw.. let me tell u today is not holi... its tomorrow and also i hate walkin in  the roads in days around or ahead of holi.. but i dont know why .. i always have something important to do that makes me walk and get hit by lolas...well.. as we were walking. someone threw  lola at us.. and that got hit at my bag. i was so damn angry....trust me there aint anything that would anger me more than the lolas.. even if someone spit at my face and say that i did it by mistake , i would believe him but lola.....god i jus cant control my anger..god i was so angry and so was my fren....so we went there and had a lil discussion.. there was a guy... (wouldnt mind telling he was more of a gay for he was busy throwing lola at other girls instead of spending time wid his girlfriend) , his mom probably and other of his local aunts...well i didnt want to talk much for my head was already about to explode with anger..my friend there scolded the guy and u may find it strange but the guy's mom was actually supporting her son for throwin lolas at us......may be she is too worried about her son not enjoying wid girls and she was kinda happy to see her son playing with other girls at least on holi.... wow.. mother and son...gr8 collaboration........we walked away frm there after that...but again the same guy threw lola at me now...... i dont think anyone can imagine the degree of my anger..... it was like....oh.. i could kill him.......i said who did u throw lola at?? and he replied a direct answer...YOU.... whoah!!!!! i could really really kill him for that answer.... no one can actually imagine my anger at that moment.......but good news... i didnt kill him.. i just slapped him on his face... and not to lie i got a slap back but i slapped him for good and he wasted his slap for his idiotic reasons....... 
now, tell me... is it a mistake to pass by the lola holders way? is it a mistake to walk  the road days before holi? or is it a mistake to have some important works to do for which we have to walk from home to the same road where some irrational people are busy throwing lola?? or is it a mistake to slap him ????? i dont know others answer but my answer is NO and yes i felt great to have slapped the son of a bitch at his face...... by which i m insulting both the son and the mother for their kind of behaviour.......... 
kathmandu is full of  most irrational, unethical, moralless people ... and these lolas and lola throwers are the end product of them and their mentality........... my day went worst... i dont know if i am supposed to write it on my blog... or wat u readers may be thinking but hey isn't blogging about writing out your head, heart and mind out... thats what i did.,... i had a total mood off today.... my head jus cant take that incident out of it... but trust me .. it feels a little light headed and light hearted to share the incident...... and for the guay.......f*** off .........n thanks to all my readers for being wid me.... .... and i will always hate HOLI because the festival is never gonna change for good........................

06 April 2011

Khagendra Thapa Magar soon to loose his title

Mr. Khagendra Thapa Magar, 18, had won the title of the "World's shortest man" last year according to the guiness book of worlds record. well, time to face the sad news here. for, the title may be handed over to Junrey Balawing, 17, a phillipines teen. He is believed to be 1 foot 10 inces tall making him almost 4.3 inches shorter than our Khagendra Thapa Magar. Balawing have to be 18 before he can be officially measured and  he will have to be officially measured three times a day, both standing up and lying flat. He turns 18 in June. until then, Magar will have his title safe that he received on his 18th birthday.

Junrey Balawing, a phillipines teen who will be awarded the title by guiness on his 18th  birthday in june,2011
Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records, said if Balawing measures up, he could make a permanent mark on mankind. "We're intrigued by such a remarkable claim," he said. "If it's true, it would make Junrey not just the shortest living man but the shortest man who ever lived, beating Gul Mohammed of India (1957–1997) at 57 centimeters or 22.5 inches."

well, .. best wishes to Balawing,  and to Magar, enjoy your reign to the fullest and make the best of it.

12 December 2010

World's Tallest statue of Hindu God "Shiva" built in Nepal by a jain Religion man.

World's tallest Statue of " Lord Shiva"

How exciting is this that the world's tallest statue of Lord shiva is in Nepal. and even more amazing and fascinating thing to talk about is - this tallest hindu god's statue was built in initiation of  Mr. Kamal Jain, who follows Jain religion. Now, doesn't it seem like there's much a thing called religious solidarity in Nepal. hmm.. proud to mention that. Mr. Jain who is the proprietor of Hilltake water tank, one of the leading water tank industries in Nepal is beleived to have invested  more than 11 crores  to build this statue.
The statue is 108feet tall after the holy number ‘108’ in Hindu mythology. When the foundation of 36 feet is added the total height of the statue comes to be 144 feet.

 It was inaugarated by the Minister for Tourism Sharad singh Bhandari on june 20th . It's construction took 6 years and involved 100 Nepali and skilled labors from India. The construction of foundation alone took two years. To protect the statue from natural factors like sun, wind, and rain, it is coated with zinc. It is further coated with copper on top of zinc coating. According to Kamal Jain, the outer cover of the statue contain 6000 kgs of zinc and copper.

The builders claim that it is not only world's tallest Lord Shiva's Statue but also world's tallest Hindu Religion Statue. This tallest statue of height 144 feet  lies in Sanga, Bhaktapur District, which is  20 km east of capital city  Kathmandu.
 A concept of homestay has also been launched in this site to promote local tourism.
This is definitely  a must visit for tourists planning to visit Nepal in Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

Needless to mention it is a wonder.Well, if you are planning a day off from your busy schedule, or a small gettogether with friends,or just want to get away from this noisy and crowded city and refresh yourself, or the main thing could be to visit the world's tallest statue of Lord Shiva thats in Nepal. What are you waiting for!!well, i have already been there and all i can say is "wow". Get yourself going too to feel this "wow"...
                                         Happy Visiting to Sanga.........

09 December 2010

Bryan Adams to perform live in Concert in Nepal.

Bryan Adams, one of the most successful canadian singer, songwriter known and loved for his husky voice is said to perform live concert in Nepal. It was revealed in a press conference held in Soaltee Crowne Plaza on December 8th that this popular singer has his gig scheduled on 20th feb,2011  in Kathmandu, Nepal

Adams successful music career started when he was just a teenager. He is an international icon who has always succeded on the touring circuit and selling out tickets to shows worldwide.

His visit to Nepal is believed to be a part of his world tour.

Sources claim that Adams’ agent Roi Lamb had already been here to check out the venue for the event, the hotel where the singer is to stay and the security.

With his hit singles like "18 till i die", "have u ever loved a woman","everything i do" who does not know Bryan adams. Well, I knew all the lyrics of his song "everything i do , i do it for you" back in my school days and just kept singing it all day long.
and wow!! how great is it that we get to see him live perform in our own country.

With Nepal Tourism Year 2011 approaching, this is definitelly a great news for us Nepalese and Nepal.
seems like this Tourism year is gonna get just GRAND!!!

15 November 2010

Mabindra Rai

Mabindra Rai

Mabindra Rai is the name of prominent new artist crawling to rise in Nepali Music Fraternity. With his debut album "Bhet", he is all set to win hearts of many Nepali music lovers. His album consists of seven different songs and each song gives different flavor of music.
The seven tracks in his album are:
  • Bhulna Sakina
  • Machha panima
  • Sarara
  • Nasha Nasha haruma
  • Mayalu
  • 6 mahina
  • Sewaro Namaste
Of these seven tracks, Bhulna Sakina is a Sentimental Pop Song. Nasha Nasha haruma has a rocking lyrics with excellent compostion n great vocals, this being my personal favorite. Mayalu can be categorized as pop rock which is sure to dance your head once you hear the song. 6 manhina, Machha panima and sarara has a folk pop flavor. Sewaro Namaste is a typical traditional folk song. All in all, "Bhet" has become an album worth listening to.

Do Enjoy listening.

"Nasha Nasha haruma " being my favorite track of the album I have posted its video with
singer's pic in it.
Hope you'll enjoy….

nasha nasha haruma -Mabindra Rai

12 November 2010

Mabindra Rai - Album "Bhet"

Mabindra Rai - Promo for his debut album.

"Patan Durbar Square"

Patan Durbar Square - One of the seven monumental zones that adds up to make Kathmandu valley world heritage sites. Patan Durbar Square is of great historical and religious importance to Nepalese (Hindus or Buddhist). This monumental Zone can also be seen as an example of religious solidarity that exists between Hindus & Buddhists  residing in Nepal as Durbar Square  is full of Hindu temples along with  Buddhist monuments with bronze gateways, guardian deities and wonderful carvings.
The surroundings of Patan is filled with ancient newari architecture with all the houses around too giving an antique and unique architectural look.

The main attractions of Patan Durbar Square or the places to visit around Patan are:

1) Krishna Mandir: which is the temple of Lord Krishna(HIndu God). This temple was built in 17th century by then King Siddhi Narshing Malla. This temple can be seen as the busiest and crowded with religious people at the time of Krishna astami.
Krishna Mandir  is also compared with sacred Mount Meru, which is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva according to Hindu scriptures.

2)Mahabouddha: Little further from Patan Durbar Square lies Mahabouddha, the buddhist temple. This temple is made up of Clay Bricks where many images of Lord Buddha are carved wonderfully  . This temple was built in 14th Century and is regarded as the 14th century Nepalese architectural masterpiece .

3)Hiranya Varna Mahavir: is a three storeyed  golden pagoda. Built in twelfth century by King Bhaskar Verma,  the golden images of Lord Buddha can be found Inside the upper storey of the pagoda.

A narrow way near Patan that leads towards Banglamukhi  (another temple of religious importance)

 Also the locals enjoy being in Patan  sitting around drinking tea, listening to music with earphones in their ear, or with friends having smooth talk etc.. Patan has a Pleasant environment. whether with friends, or alone or with family , everyone will definitely love Patan Durbar Square Visit.

Patan Durbar Square is a must visit place for people Planning visit Kathmandu.

The entry fee for tourists is only NRs. 200 and for SAARC country visitors , it is just NRs. 25.
Trust me the fee is gonna be worth the visit.
Nepal Tourism Year 2011  could be the best time to visit and explore different places of Nepal and not to miss Patan Durbar Square.
VISIT NEPAL 2011- lets make it happen.

20 October 2010

Khagendra Thapa Magar, Shortest Man of the World.

Khagendra Thapa Magar

Shortest Man of the World from Nepal

Khagendra Thapa Magar , from the Himalayan Country Nepal has been declared the shortest man alive
 in the world by guinness book world record on 14th october, Thursday.
A Guinness book of world record team came to pokhara and provided Magar with the world record certificate on his 18th birthday.
Magar, who is 67 cm tall and 6 kg in weight was awarded medal and certificate following his health check up at the phewa city hospital in pokhara. Marco Frigtee, the Vice Chairman of Guinness World of Records  presented Magar with a certificate and officially announced that he had won the prestigious title of world’s shortest man.Previously Edward Nino Hernandez, the 24-year-old Colombian was named as
the world’s shortest man just last month. Magar is a full 2.92cm shorter than Hernandez.

Well, A Big Congratulation to Khagendra Thapa Magar for winning the title . He is also said to be the Goodwill Ambassador for Tourism Year 2011 along with Miss Nepal sadichhya Shrestha.

All the best to Magar.

17 September 2010

12 September 2010

Missed my last bus home

Superb! It was wonderfully awesome having a Piscean treat this mid march. We reached the venue at around 4:00Pm.whoa! Beautiful environment and a Maya garden that could pound everyone’s heart and restlessly capture within its nutty nets with its Maya. That’s what I felt as I reached the venue and what everyone is supposed to feel as far as my tastes are concerned. Me along with my friend and the b’ day girl of course entered the premises of The Bakery Cafe, chuchepatti with the excitement that we poured down the floor of Maya garden and gave our self a space on the 4th table. We were three and one on its way to this seemingly awful place. Hah! Sounds like I belong to the marketing department but get your brain back for I am not. Well as we were already here, how about providing an employment to our intestines. Hence the expressions interacted to make an order and the message tone in our b’ day girls cell. “Me in chahabahil, where r u? Hmm….so the b’ day girl leaves to bring the 4th buddy on the 4th chair of this 4th seat. Anyways for us the order got ready and we engaged ourselves with the usual gossips that goes around and comes around the same way.

Here he comes with an unbelievably lovely charm, different than usual dazzled by his looks was me who stood up to welcome him and there he is next to the birthday girl and opposite to me and my friend. So how was your day? Cool… Says he with a slight smile laying on me.

Presence of music is always supposed to maintain the calmness and charmness in everyone’s soul and it’s collaboration with food is indeterminate. We talked, laughed, joked, and the last thing that remained on the table was a sizzling sizzler that horrified me as my eyes met my left hand. It was 7:00PM. So dessert along with a bill was finally ordered by our birthday girl. Finally we left the place and hurried ourselves towards Gopikrishna movies………No, not to watch movie but to catch Nepal yatayat whose station lies beside gopikrishna. Oh! Yes there it is at a distance that is a stone throw away but a time that’s four minutes away to us. So we missed it. What now!! We had to reach baluwatar and so we turned our steps towards sukedhara with a hope to get a microbus towards Bhatbhateni and the other two exchanged good bye and walked towards kapan. If only could we reach Bhatbhateni, baluwatar was not far-just a few minutes walk. It was more than 15 minutes and no microbus, no Nepal yatayat and not even a taxi seemed visible…5 minutes past 8 in the clock. Oh! No cant find a way. We were just two here worried and insanely waiting for some means of transportation. What is this? Two bikes came straight towards us. We were holding our fear and screaming in silence. Oh! God help us. Both bike just stopped next to us and he took off his helmet. Sushant, you…. Ya! It’s me. He is my friend Ravi. We’ll drop you to your place. Ok but where’s samjhana? She got her father to pick her but u were just two and didn’t even seem to ask for a help with me (smiles).come on get on the bike.

Right here!Yes, it’s my place. We stay in 2nd floor. Thank-you.

Category :   Short Story fiction
Author     :   Suzata Tamang
(More of author's work can be seen on http://www.sujatanp.wordpress.com/)


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