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12 December 2010

World's Tallest statue of Hindu God "Shiva" built in Nepal by a jain Religion man.

World's tallest Statue of " Lord Shiva"

How exciting is this that the world's tallest statue of Lord shiva is in Nepal. and even more amazing and fascinating thing to talk about is - this tallest hindu god's statue was built in initiation of  Mr. Kamal Jain, who follows Jain religion. Now, doesn't it seem like there's much a thing called religious solidarity in Nepal. hmm.. proud to mention that. Mr. Jain who is the proprietor of Hilltake water tank, one of the leading water tank industries in Nepal is beleived to have invested  more than 11 crores  to build this statue.
The statue is 108feet tall after the holy number ‘108’ in Hindu mythology. When the foundation of 36 feet is added the total height of the statue comes to be 144 feet.

 It was inaugarated by the Minister for Tourism Sharad singh Bhandari on june 20th . It's construction took 6 years and involved 100 Nepali and skilled labors from India. The construction of foundation alone took two years. To protect the statue from natural factors like sun, wind, and rain, it is coated with zinc. It is further coated with copper on top of zinc coating. According to Kamal Jain, the outer cover of the statue contain 6000 kgs of zinc and copper.

The builders claim that it is not only world's tallest Lord Shiva's Statue but also world's tallest Hindu Religion Statue. This tallest statue of height 144 feet  lies in Sanga, Bhaktapur District, which is  20 km east of capital city  Kathmandu.
 A concept of homestay has also been launched in this site to promote local tourism.
This is definitely  a must visit for tourists planning to visit Nepal in Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

Needless to mention it is a wonder.Well, if you are planning a day off from your busy schedule, or a small gettogether with friends,or just want to get away from this noisy and crowded city and refresh yourself, or the main thing could be to visit the world's tallest statue of Lord Shiva thats in Nepal. What are you waiting for!!well, i have already been there and all i can say is "wow". Get yourself going too to feel this "wow"...
                                         Happy Visiting to Sanga.........


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