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09 December 2010

Bryan Adams to perform live in Concert in Nepal.

Bryan Adams, one of the most successful canadian singer, songwriter known and loved for his husky voice is said to perform live concert in Nepal. It was revealed in a press conference held in Soaltee Crowne Plaza on December 8th that this popular singer has his gig scheduled on 20th feb,2011  in Kathmandu, Nepal

Adams successful music career started when he was just a teenager. He is an international icon who has always succeded on the touring circuit and selling out tickets to shows worldwide.

His visit to Nepal is believed to be a part of his world tour.

Sources claim that Adams’ agent Roi Lamb had already been here to check out the venue for the event, the hotel where the singer is to stay and the security.

With his hit singles like "18 till i die", "have u ever loved a woman","everything i do" who does not know Bryan adams. Well, I knew all the lyrics of his song "everything i do , i do it for you" back in my school days and just kept singing it all day long.
and wow!! how great is it that we get to see him live perform in our own country.

With Nepal Tourism Year 2011 approaching, this is definitelly a great news for us Nepalese and Nepal.
seems like this Tourism year is gonna get just GRAND!!!


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