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15 November 2010

Mabindra Rai

Mabindra Rai

Mabindra Rai is the name of prominent new artist crawling to rise in Nepali Music Fraternity. With his debut album "Bhet", he is all set to win hearts of many Nepali music lovers. His album consists of seven different songs and each song gives different flavor of music.
The seven tracks in his album are:
  • Bhulna Sakina
  • Machha panima
  • Sarara
  • Nasha Nasha haruma
  • Mayalu
  • 6 mahina
  • Sewaro Namaste
Of these seven tracks, Bhulna Sakina is a Sentimental Pop Song. Nasha Nasha haruma has a rocking lyrics with excellent compostion n great vocals, this being my personal favorite. Mayalu can be categorized as pop rock which is sure to dance your head once you hear the song. 6 manhina, Machha panima and sarara has a folk pop flavor. Sewaro Namaste is a typical traditional folk song. All in all, "Bhet" has become an album worth listening to.

Do Enjoy listening.

"Nasha Nasha haruma " being my favorite track of the album I have posted its video with
singer's pic in it.
Hope you'll enjoy….

nasha nasha haruma -Mabindra Rai


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