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17 September 2010

12 September 2010

Missed my last bus home

Superb! It was wonderfully awesome having a Piscean treat this mid march. We reached the venue at around 4:00Pm.whoa! Beautiful environment and a Maya garden that could pound everyone’s heart and restlessly capture within its nutty nets with its Maya. That’s what I felt as I reached the venue and what everyone is supposed to feel as far as my tastes are concerned. Me along with my friend and the b’ day girl of course entered the premises of The Bakery Cafe, chuchepatti with the excitement that we poured down the floor of Maya garden and gave our self a space on the 4th table. We were three and one on its way to this seemingly awful place. Hah! Sounds like I belong to the marketing department but get your brain back for I am not. Well as we were already here, how about providing an employment to our intestines. Hence the expressions interacted to make an order and the message tone in our b’ day girls cell. “Me in chahabahil, where r u? Hmm….so the b’ day girl leaves to bring the 4th buddy on the 4th chair of this 4th seat. Anyways for us the order got ready and we engaged ourselves with the usual gossips that goes around and comes around the same way.

Here he comes with an unbelievably lovely charm, different than usual dazzled by his looks was me who stood up to welcome him and there he is next to the birthday girl and opposite to me and my friend. So how was your day? Cool… Says he with a slight smile laying on me.

Presence of music is always supposed to maintain the calmness and charmness in everyone’s soul and it’s collaboration with food is indeterminate. We talked, laughed, joked, and the last thing that remained on the table was a sizzling sizzler that horrified me as my eyes met my left hand. It was 7:00PM. So dessert along with a bill was finally ordered by our birthday girl. Finally we left the place and hurried ourselves towards Gopikrishna movies………No, not to watch movie but to catch Nepal yatayat whose station lies beside gopikrishna. Oh! Yes there it is at a distance that is a stone throw away but a time that’s four minutes away to us. So we missed it. What now!! We had to reach baluwatar and so we turned our steps towards sukedhara with a hope to get a microbus towards Bhatbhateni and the other two exchanged good bye and walked towards kapan. If only could we reach Bhatbhateni, baluwatar was not far-just a few minutes walk. It was more than 15 minutes and no microbus, no Nepal yatayat and not even a taxi seemed visible…5 minutes past 8 in the clock. Oh! No cant find a way. We were just two here worried and insanely waiting for some means of transportation. What is this? Two bikes came straight towards us. We were holding our fear and screaming in silence. Oh! God help us. Both bike just stopped next to us and he took off his helmet. Sushant, you…. Ya! It’s me. He is my friend Ravi. We’ll drop you to your place. Ok but where’s samjhana? She got her father to pick her but u were just two and didn’t even seem to ask for a help with me (smiles).come on get on the bike.

Right here!Yes, it’s my place. We stay in 2nd floor. Thank-you.

Category :   Short Story fiction
Author     :   Suzata Tamang
(More of author's work can be seen on http://www.sujatanp.wordpress.com/)


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